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Our exhibition to WENIGER IST MEER project is not tied to one place it is designed to travel and can thus reach many people. It may find you next in your city. Ask us.

Science you can touch!

Learn more about microplastics and our project

The touring exhibition on WENIGER IST MEER offers multi-layered information on microplastics and on our project. On three double-sided stands you will find the history and origins of the project, the annual Manta Trawl Week and information on how to get involved. There is additional information on how microplastics is formed and the distribution of it. The exhibition is attractive and thrilling for younger researchers and environmentalists with a lovingly illustrated story of Manta, the manta ray. The story is available to read, read aloud, or as an audio play. Together with our exhibited Manta Trawl and the creatively designed stop-motion film about the project, this makes it an informative and absolutely enriching exhibition.

Exhibition calender

When will we be in your area?

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Wir waren schon in…

Oktober 2022 – März 2023 im Ostsee Info-Center, Eckernförde

August – September 2022 unterwegs mit dem Ocean Summit in Kiel

Juni – August 2022 – Multimar Wattforum, Tönning

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All important information about the exhibition

The exhibition is traveling

We would love to reach as many people as possible with our traveling exhibition. You can borrow the exhibition for free to draw attention to the project and the topic, e.g., in your school, in the town hall, for different events or conferences.

Fact Sheet

Concept, text and realization: studio canisu Susan Barth, Carla Enchelmaier, Antonia Krüger studio-canisu.de // hallo@studio-canisu.de