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Manta Trawl

WENIGER IST MEER invites you to participate. Become a (citizen) scientist and build your own Manta Trawl, using our instructions. With our videos you can easily learn how to use the Manta Trawl.

Manta Trawl

The centerpieces of the project are wooden frames with wings

Manta trawls are collecting devices used to detect swimming microplastic particles in the surface water of seas and rivers.

They are wooden frames with two wings that pull a fine-meshed, tapered net behind them. Several 100 liters of water flow through this net and all particles floating in it, organic (biological origin) as well as inorganic (e.g., microplastics), are collected in the end piece, the so- called quiver. 

We have built several Manta Trawls and you can trust us- it’s not that hard. Join us and build your own Manta Trawl. Check out our instructions for proper handling, download our analysis /evaluation sheets and watch the short explanatory videos. Then you and your friends can begin your own trawls.


All important information to download.

Only in german language, still worth looking at them. There are a lot of explaining images.

Construction manual

Instruction for data collection

Data entry forms


The videos are only available in german language. Still worth watching them as the explain a lot.

Join us

Become active yourself and join the project

Are you interested in joining our Manta Trawl Week as a ship owner, crew or group?

Would you like to trawl and use one of our Manta Trawls? Write us a mail to ahoi@weniger-ist-meer.com

We are looking forward to seeing you with our Manta Trawls!